Handling of personal data

Advokatbyrå Tove Sjövall AB (aka the Law Firm) acts as the Data Controller of the personal data that the Law Firm obtains in connection with an assignment, or which is otherwise processed through the preparation or administration of the assignment. As a Client, you are not under any obligation to submit your personal data to the Law Firm, but unless you do so, the Law Firm cannot take on an assignment on your behalf.

The Law Firm processes personal data to perform statutory checks for disqualification and (where applicable) money laundering, in order to attend to the Client’s interests, and perform the assignment and related administrative tasks, as well as for accounting and invoicing purposes.

The legal basis for the handling of personal data is that the Client consents to the handling of the data for one or several specific purposes and/or that the handling of such data is necessitated by one or more of the following reasons, namely:

  • to fulfill a contract in which you, as a Client, are a party,
  • for the Law Firm to fulfill a legal obligation,
  • to protect the fundamental interests of the Client or other natural person,
  • to perform a task of general interest.

The data may also be used for business and methods development, market analysis, statistics and risk management. The handling of data for the abovementioned purposes are legally based on the Law Firm’s rightful interest to develop its operations and communicate with its contacts.

Personal data may be transferred between the Law Firm and other law firms that share office space with the Law Firm, with the aim of conducting statutory checks on disqualification and money laundering, as well as for the exchange of information and knowledge.

The Law Firm will not divulge your personal data to any outsiders other than in cases where

  • such is specifically agreed on between the Law Firm and the Client;
  • such is necessary within the framework of a particular assignment in order to attend to the Client’s rights;
  • such is necessary for the Law Firm to fulfill its statutory obligations or comply with official decisions or court decisions, or
  • The Law Firm outsources a service provider to perform the assignment on behalf of the Law Firm.

When requisite to guarding the rights of the Client, personal data may be submitted to courts of law, government authorities, counterparties and their representatives. Personal data is stored, pursuant to the obligations of the Law Firm under Code of Conduct of the Swedish Bar Association, for a period of ten years from the date of the conclusion of the case, or for a longer period necessitated by the nature of the case. The Client is entitled to request information, free of charge, from the Law Firm about the use of any personal data pertaining to the Client. The Law Firm will, by request or of its own accord, update or delete data that is incorrect or which limits the processing of such data. The Client is further entitled to deny the use of his/her personal data for direct marketing purposes. The Client is also entitled to obtain a copy of his/her personal data in a machine-readable format. In the event that the Client is dissatisfied with the Law Firm’s handling of personal data, the Client may submit a complaint to a supervisory authority, such as the Data Inspection Board (www.datainspektionen.se) in Sweden. The Client may also approach a supervisory authority in the Client’s country of residence or employment.