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Our fields of operation

Swedish international civil law pertains to issues of private law that span more than one country, and which may encompass such questions as which country’s laws shall apply.

Examples of legal categories that this may concern:

  • family law
  • inheritance law
  • contract law
  • consumer law
  • labor law
  • law of damages
  • social security insurance
  • civil registration
  • residence and work permits

as well as the administration of matters pursuant to Swedish law within these fields:

  • Swedish international procedural law, i.e. procedural regulations pertaining to processes with connections to a different country, for example:

    • The right of Swedish courts to try a case with connections to another country
    • The recognition and execution of foreign rulings and decisions in Sweden
  • Swedish and international business law, for example:

    • Commercial contract law, such as the review and drafting of business agreements, such as:

      • purchase agreements
      • retailer agreements
      • shareholder agreements
      • agency agreements
      • franchise agreements
      • joint-venture agreements
    • Corporate law:

      • Consultancy pertaining to regulations for limited-liability companies, trading partnerships and other legal entities
      • Consultancy for the establishment of overseas operations
    • Dispute resolution